Knights Fall to Catawba

Samson Jennings carries the ball during Saturday evening's action (Phillip Greene Photo)

Saturday evening, the Golden Knights hosted the Catawba Hornets in search of their second victory of the season.  The Knights entered the contest off a 14-12 victory over the Burlington Bulldogs last weekend, and were hoping their defense would be the answer against the Hornets.

The contest started with promise, but the Knight offense could not move through the Hornet defense as easily as they had a week earlier against the Bulldogs.

The Hornets opened up a big lead in the first half, but the Knights battled back, pushing the ball, and moving down the field.  The Hornets stepped up their defensive play, and as the second half started, the mood on the Catawba sideline was one of pitching the shutout.

In the second half, the Knights began moving the ball, but as they approached paydirt, the Hornets increased pressure, and kept the Knights at bay.  The Hornets added three scores in the second half, and as the game closed, the Hornets held on to earn a 56-0 victory in a hard fought contest.

It was closer than the score indicated, with many great plays, and more evidence that the Knights are continuing to improve.  The Knights are now 1-2 on the season.  Keep up with the Knights at


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